Leadership Program and Debutante Cotillion

GMAC’s Leadership Program and Debutante Cotillion (LPDC) provides young ladies with social, service and critical life skills that will help create responsible leaders, sustainable friendships and cultural experiences. The objectives of LPDC are to:

  • Enlighten and empower debutantes in structured, holistic activities to enhance andacquire leadership, social graces and life skills
  • Promote high ideals and character building
  • Foster healthy environments that build competent and confident young women
  • Provide experiences, tools and solutions that inspire girls to embrace their grace, intelligence, and boldness
  • Give educational awards to young ladies who have shown outstanding achievement in academics, leadership, fundraising, and service

There are a number of key Leadership Program workshops that the young ladies and men participate in including etiquette, personal branding, college interview and essay prep, as well as a community service project. LPDC culminates with the beautiful Debutante Cotillion Ball.