President Shondria Covington

From The President

On behalf of the hard-working, dedicated mothers of the Greater Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter (GMAC), I thank you for visiting our website – it is with great excitement that I greet you!

I am particularly thrilled as this year marks five incredible years of our chapter’s existence. As the 40th chapter inducted into Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated on September 30, 2012, GMAC Moms work effectively, efficiently and tirelessly for the children of GMAC. GMAC is giving our children the tools for success cultivated by the mission of Jack and Jill. Building upon the past four years of programming excellence, GMAC continues to focus on engaging in more activities, partnering with local community organizations and enhancing our children’s leadership skills.

The first-ever Five Star Chapter of Excellence distinction in Jack and Jill history, a topnotch biennial Leadership Program & Debutante Cotillion, award-winning programming and fundraising – the list of accolades and honors for our chapter have been endless! As we extend our path of greatness, please know that I am honored serve as GMAC’s 3rd Chapter President.


Shondria Covington
President, Greater Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter